What are the Benefits of VenaSeal?

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VenaSeal is a newer innovation in treating varicose veins with unique advantages over other treatment options. Let’s see if VenaSeal is right for you!

Are you thinking about getting your varicose veins treated? Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) vein clinics in New Mexico offer patients the latest treatment to eliminate painful and bulging veins. One such innovative method is VenaSeal.

VenaSeal is a newcomer in vein therapy. Approved by the FDA in 2015, VenaSeal uses a proprietary medical adhesive to seal the vein shut. Once closed, the diseased vein shrinks as blood rushes to other healthier veins. VenaSeal is one of many proven varicose vein treatments available today, so let’s review what it is and how it can benefit you.

What is VenaSeal?

VenaSeal involves injecting a medical adhesive that is not only extremely safe but also commonly used to close surgical incisions, wounds, and cuts. Only a tiny amount is needed, and it quickly dissipates in your body.

Like most varicose vein treatments, VenaSeal is completed during a brief outpatient visit. Guided by an ultrasound image, the doctor injects the adhesive via a tiny catheter. Because the catheter is so thin, no local anesthetic is required to numb the area. As the catheter moves through the vein, your doctor will gently press on the vein to seal it. The procedure should take about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the treated vein.

So, how effective is VenaSeal? A 2017 study comparing VenaSeal and radiofrequency ablation found that both methods successfully eliminated varicose veins.

The five benefits of VenaSeal

Like other varicose vein treatments, VenaSeal is safe and can successfully rid you of painful, swollen veins. Yet it offers unique advantages that could make VenaSeal the right choice for you:

It’s good for nearly all varicose veins. VenaSeal works for large varicose veins two or more centimeters in diameter. It’s also suitable for varicose veins hidden deeper in the leg.

No anesthesia is required. The procedure is virtually painless! You may only feel slight sensitivity as the doctor gently compresses the vein.

Enjoy a quick recovery time. You can immediately return to your normal activities with few restrictions afterward. Since no anesthesia is required, numbing using needles is not necessary. No needles mean less bruising and bleeding! You'll likely only need a Band-aid to cover the site after the procedure.

You don’t need to wear compression stockings. After most varicose vein treatments, your doctor will recommend wearing compression stockings to promote healing. However, with VenaSeal, compression stockings aren’t needed as part of the recovery process (but you can still wear them to promote circulation in your legs!).

Your vein specialist at CVR will discuss whether VenaSeal is the right choice for you. Adverse side effects or complications are rare. After more than a decade in use, VenaSeal has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for varicose veins.

VenaSeal in New Mexico

You don’t have to live with the pain of varicose veins, not when there are so many treatments available! CVR operates four locations in New Mexico. Each clinic is led by an experienced physician who will thoroughly examine your veins and decide if VenaSeal is the right treatment for you.

Michael Harding, MD, is board-certified in vascular medicine, cardiology, and internal medicine. Chandran Vedamanikam, MD, is a board-certified phlebologist in venous and lymphatic medicine and family practice.

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