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3280 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, AL 36303


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What to Expect from Your First Visit

Our focus is on patient experience and clinical outcomes, and it all starts from this thorough initial evaluation. One of our highly trained vascular technicians (VT) will perform an ultrasound of both legs to determine the extent of the problem. This ultrasound is a thorough scan that looks at both the deep and superficial veins throughout each leg. The VT will note all issues within the venous system (that is, the network of veins that delivers blood back to the heart).

Dr. Schul and his nurse will assess the scan results and then meet with the patient. Dr. Schul will examine the patient’s legs, present the scan findings, and review options.

If the patient’s symptoms, physical exam, and ultrasound reveals that treatment is needed, a treatment plan is developed with the patient. Before the patient leaves our clinic, they will understand their condition, have an opportunity to ask any questions, and know a path toward getting legs feeling and looking great again.

About Our Vein Center in Dothan

We proudly serve the Wiregrass community, treating unexplained leg swelling, blood clot concerns, ropey varicose veins, spider veins, or leg ulcers.

Dr. Schul brings almost two decades of experience in the venous insufficiency field. Because vein treatment is far different than twenty years ago, our team’s vast experience matters more than ever. He and his team is laser-focused on the patient from the initial visit throughout their vein care journey. Each team member works together to optimize the patient experience and improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Schul and Billy Littlefield, CRNP, customize patient treatment plans and offer patients a path to better limb health. We encourage healthy vein habits and are happy to counsel you on achieving your leg health goals.

If you are suffering from unexplained leg swelling or pain, we can help. Call us at 240-965-3915, option 5.

Directions to Our Clinic

The Center for Vein Restoration in Dothan is located at 3280 Ross Clark Circle. Ross Clark Circle is a main road that's intercepted by U.S. State Route 231 in the North and by U.S. State Route 84 to the South. Although it's very easy to find the Center, traffic can be heavy at all hours of the day and evening because the majority of restaurants, stores, and shopping malls are all around Ross Clark Circle.

If you are traveling to the Center from the East – Westgate Parkway has an exit right next to the Choctaw Street which runs directly behind the Center. If you are coming from the West take Montgomery Highway to Choctaw Street and follow the signs to Ross Clark Circle.

Meet Dr. Marlin Schul

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What do Patients Say About
Center for Vein Restoration (CVR)?

At CVR, your vein health is our sole priority! Patients tell us they feel the CVR difference, from our compassionate, supportive staff to our patient-centered approach; CVR made their vein health journey safe and comfortable. These testimonials say it all: CVR's attentive staff and effective treatments earn top marks from patients.