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Medically reviewed by Saina Attaran, MD, MRCS, FRCS, on May 15, 2024

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), also known as vein disease, occurs when the leg veins are unable to efficiently pump blood back to the heart, causing blood to pool and increasing pressure in the veins. As a result, walking can become extremely painful and even debilitating. Fortunately, minimally invasive outpatient treatments can relieve symptoms of venous disease.

In this blog, we'll explore one man’s experience with painful venous insufficiency and varicose veins. We'll also discover how his wife's support and encouragement played a crucial role in his decision to seek vein treatment. This treatment, performed by a compassionate board-certified Center for Vein Restoration physician, restored the engineer’s quality of life, alleviating his pain and improving his mobility.

Debilitating leg pain and varicose veins disrupted daily life

We spoke to Edsel O., a patient of Dr. Saina Attaran, lead physician at Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) vein clinics in Gilbert, Arizona, and Mesa, Arizona, about the painful symptoms that led him to seek vein treatment.

Can you describe the symptoms you experienced before seeking treatment?

Edsel O.: “By 10 o'clock in the morning, I couldn't just walk. My legs were hurting. It's feeling a lot of pain, a lot of tingling, needles, felt like a lot of needles in my legs. I was scratching my legs, practically tearing my legs up daily due to the circulation.

I have very, very big, bulging varicose veins that were extruding very badly out of my leg. I had surgery before this on one leg about three or four years back (with another doctor), and they came back, and now I need surgery again.”

I'm on my feet all day. I'm an engineer, so my legs are crucial to my job. And, like I said, I couldn't walk by mid-morning. I just needed to get something done, which led me to get the procedures done on my legs. –Edsel O.

How did you learn about Center for Vein Restoration?

Edsel O.: “My wife searched online because the doctor I had with prior didn't have an appointment available for the timeframe I needed. So, she found her, gave it a shot, and went, and I'm glad I did. I mean, it's been great. It's been awesome.”

Tell us about your experience with your CVR vein physician, Dr. Saina Attaran

Edsel O.: “Dr. Attaran—she was great. She's awesome! From my first visit there, they made me feel at home. The staff is very friendly and supportive.

Dr. Attaran went through everything that I was going through. After doing ultrasounds and taking a health history, she saw what was happening and told me, ‘Well, basically, this is what we can do.’ She knew what was best for me, and it was very reassuring. I felt, like I said, like I was at home. –Edsel O.

What was your vein treatment plan?

Edsel O.: “I had three different procedures done, including heating them (EVT ablation), removing them (ambulatory phlebectomy), and putting a liquid inside them to make them disintegrate (sclerotherapy).”

My legs look great now, but that's not why I went in for treatment. I'm doing awesome. The vein procedures went great! –Edsel O.

What was your post-treatment experience like?

Edsel O.: “It was not bad. I mean, I was back at work the following day. It was not something that took me out of work. I was back to normal in about two to three weeks.

Now, I work ten hours a day. Then I come home, and I'm still on my feet because I have two little girls who play sports. I'm able to do those things now, you know. Before, my wife took a lot of the brunt of it because I had to come home and put my feet up because I was just in too much pain.”

My legs are crucial for my job and life. Thanks to Dr. Attaran, I'm back to my normal life… I didn't go in for cosmetic reasons to make my legs look pretty, though they do look good. It was for a totally different medical reason. –Edsel O.

How would you rate your overall experience with CVR?

Edsel O.: “Oh, come on, please. That's a ten, you know. It's totally a ten!”

Even during surgery, they played my preferred Spanish music to make me feel at home and comfortable, just like how I am at home. The staff at Center for Vein Restoration went above and beyond to ensure I felt very comfortable throughout the process. I'm extremely happy I found Dr. Attaran. –Edsel O.

What advice do you have for others experiencing vein-related leg pain?

Edsel O.: “Don't hesitate. Go. Go get it. Seek help. Get them done. It helped me a lot. Leg pain was a big part of my life, and I'm practically almost back to normal. Don't wait!”

I went through a lot of pain and a lot of days of not being able to do things because men are stubborn. The last person they want to see is the doctor. But there's always that second person there, with the wifey, and they say, "You need to go. You’ve got to get this done. And I'm glad I did. Go get it done. Don't wait. It'll change your life, you know, give you part of your normal daily routine back. –Edsel O.

Why does vein disease cause pain while walking?

Venous insufficiency can make walking painful because of increased pressure and swelling in the legs. Imagine blood pooling in the veins, causing them to enlarge and become varicose veins. This pressure and swelling lead to several symptoms that can significantly hamper your walking experience:

  • Leg heaviness and fatigue: The buildup of fluid and pressure in the legs causes a heavy, tired feeling that worsens with prolonged standing or walking.
  • Leg cramps and muscle pain: Poor circulation and increased pressure can lead to painful cramping and aching in the leg muscles, especially with physical exertion, like walking.
  • Swollen ankles and feet: Fluid accumulation causes swelling in the lower legs, ankles, and feet, making it uncomfortable to bear weight while walking.
  • Skin changes and ulcers: In severe cases, the increased pressure and fluid buildup can cause discolored, thickened skin and even open wounds (venous ulcers) on the legs, which are extremely painful when walking or standing.

As venous insufficiency progresses, these symptoms intensify, making walking or remaining active increasingly difficult or even painful. Seeking prompt vein treatment is crucial for these occupations. It helps manage symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening and impacting mobility.

Trust the experts in vein care to restore your leg comfort

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Expertly trained in modern minimally invasive vein treatments, CVR's physicians prioritize safe and convenient care and ensure a seamless patient experience. Whether seeking relief from unsightly veins or addressing leg pain caused by underlying vascular issues, CVR delivers state-of-the-art vascular care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

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