50th Wedding Anniversary Trip Two Weeks After Vein Treatment

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Judy sought a second opinion when a doctor told her she’d have to learn to live with leg pain and swelling. That’s when she discovered Center for Vein Restoration and learned that relief is, in fact, possible.

At age 71, Judy M. was not about to let leg cramping, swelling, and painful varicose veins on the back of her legs stop her from enjoying her 50th wedding anniversary trip to Costa Rica. This tenacity led her to seek a second opinion when told that nothing could be done about her leg pain.

Not ready to take “no” for an answer, she researched “vein care near me” and discovered Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) physician Mohamed T. Hassan, MD, DABVLM, RPVI. Dr. Hassan is the lead physician at the Hoover (Birmingham), Alabama, and Trussville, Alabama, vein clinic locations.

Correctly diagnosing vein disease opens the door for treatment

Being a vein physician dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for his patients, Dr. Hassan gave Judy the “yes” for which she hoped. After a thorough diagnostic ultrasound, Dr. Hassan determined that Judy’s pain was caused by venous insufficiency (vein disease).

“I had a bad varicose vein down near my ankle that another doctor told me could not be taken care of. But Dr. Hassan was able to take care of it. Now I feel great, and the anniversary trip was awesome!”

– Judy M., CVR patient, Alabama

Minimally invasive vein care that changes lives

Dr. Hassan recalls his initial consultation with Judy and learning about her leg swelling, cramping, and painful varicosities in the back of her legs. As a result of her diagnostic ultrasound, Dr. Hassan recommended the following treatment to relieve Judy’s discomfort:

Radiofrequency venous ablation

During this procedure, Dr. Hassan used heat to close the wall inside the diseased vein. Blood reroutes toward Judy’s nearby healthier veins.

Ultrasound sound-guided sclerotherapy

Dr. Hassan used ultrasonography to guide the injection of a medication (called a sclerosant) precisely into Judy’s problem vein. The medication causes the vein to close, and blood is redirected safely.

What is it like to have vein treatment?

Judy says that what impressed her most was how thorough the doctor and his team were in educating her about her condition and treatment options. During the procedures, Dr. Hassan explained everything he was doing so that Judy knew what to expect and there were no surprises.

And while there was no downtime after the procedure, Judy says that Dr. Hassan asked that she not exercise strenuously for two days, to which Judy complied. She also took Dr. Hassan’s recommendation to wear compression stockings afterward to help with healing.

A mere two weeks after the procedures, Judy traveled to Cosa Rica and enjoyed her trip comfortably.

“Dr. Hassan is great to work with. I always felt like I was in good hands.” – Judy M.

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