Venous and Lymphatic Medicine Fellowship

Welcome to the Center for Vein Restoration’s Venous and Lymphatic Medicine Fellowship page. The Center for Vein Restoration was granted a Venous and Lymphatic Medicine Fellowship by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine in 2017. The fellowship is a 12-month program designed to provide broad training in the diagnosis and management of patients suffering from chronic venous disorders.

Program Leadership

Program Director

Dr. Peter J. Pappas is the Program Director of the Venous and Lymphatic Medicine Fellowship at the Center for Vein Restoration. Dr. Pappas oversees and manages the entire training program and works closely with the Associate Program Directors, Faculty and Trainees.

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Inova Rotation Director

For fellows who train in Virginia, they will have the opportunity to perform an he Observership at Inova Health under the supervision of Richard Neville. This rotation provides valuable in-patient experience with all aspects of invasive venous procedures like thrombolysis, vena cava filter placement, and venous stenting.

We have training opportunities in the following states:

New Jersey